At Espé Réno Urbaine, we know how thrilling a renovation project can be, but we also know that each project includes its challenges. It’s an important investment in time and money that, evidently, no one wants to get in without being absolutely certain that the project is viable and that it’ll give the expected result.

It’s for that reason that it is necessary to work with a general contractor who will not only understand your needs, but also offer you innovative solutions to the various problems you might encounter along the way.

Espé Réno Urbaine: General Contractor in Montreal

Of course, there are several general contractors in Montreal that are available to help you with your projects. However, at Espé Réno Urbaine, we give ourselves not only the challenge of being the general contractor in Montreal offering the best possible results, but also the one to grant renovation services that goes far beyond what our competitors offer.

Our goal, as a general contractor in Montreal, is to understand your needs and specifications better than anyone, while staying as proactive as possible. This way, we make sure we offer a custom renovation service that respects your personal preferences and the best possible methods on the market, while proposing new ideas through the process.

If you are looking for leading-edge, we have a lot of ideas to offer. However, if it’s contemporary sobriety that attracts you, we are also very knowledgeable in this domain.

Groupe SP Réno Urbaine is a leader on the market of 8 general contractors in Montreal, and that is because the renovation services are not only done FOR the client, but in close collaboration WITH the client.  Your renovation projects become our projects. Our mission is to offer you the living space of your dreams, one that will make us proud.

We help you plan your renovation project

To make sure we reach a result that will satisfy -or even surpass- your expectations, it is essential to have a planning during the renovation project. Especially if your project is spread through several rooms of your house or plex. It is another reason why it is highly important to work with an experienced general contractor.

Note that to plan a renovation project, it is crucial that the general contractor of your choosing in Montreal consider these following elements:

  • The structure of the house;
  • Updating the insulation in your home;
  • The condition of your existing plumbing;
  • The possibility to level your walls or floors;
  • Upgrading some electrical elements in your home;
  • Laws and Regulations of RBQ;
  • Etc.


An integral renovation service or offered by room

As your general contractor in Montreal, Espé Réno Urbaine can help you renovate your rooms independently, or help remodel the entirety of your home.

To obtain details on the renovation by room, do not hesitate to give a look at what we offer for kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, or basement renovations.


The comfort and ambiance of your home

Any renovation project is an occasion to reconsider the general comfort and ambiance that you are looking to bring to a room or the wholeness of your home. Thus, renovations are a good time to fix all those little insulation problems or the lack of soundproofing, as to increase your living space general comfort.

Space organization and storage management are, in this regard, essentials. A general contractor of Espé Réno Urbaine’s caliber can easily advise you toward these points and bring out the prestige your space deserves.

To obtain even more space, the removal of load-bearing walls could be an interesting option. Do not hesitate to question our experts on the matter should you want to learn more.

Espé Réno Urbaine’s promise

As one of the most renown general contractors in Montreal, Espé Réno Urbaine’s team will accompany you through the entirety of your renovation process. From the preliminary discussions to the delicate finish, each step of the project is guaranteed by our team.

Whether it’s for the planning, the budgeting, the start of the project, the management and the subcontractors, the design, etc; we are by your side at all time to guarantee your satisfaction and to reach the highest quality standard.

Little proofs of our success: Espé Réno Urbaine won several prizes such as the Domus prize, the Renovator of the year, the ESTim prize, as well as being a contender for the Mercuriades.

Contact us through our contact form or at 514-524-2362.