Mercuriades 2018 finalist - Web or mobile technology development

Espé Reno Urbaine developed a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) oriented to project management

Thanks to the choice of using an open-source Framework for the development of our personalized ERP application we benefited from a technology that is used and supported by a very large community of developers from everywhere around the globe. This choice allowed us to use and create tools which were mainly reserved for large companies.

Thanks to the use of this new open-source framework combined to the agile methodology, we were able to accelerate our development. While doing so, we created a robust, modular application that forced us to rethink our processes and ultimately revolutionized our business management and working techniques.

Today, we benefit from the same technology used by companies such as National Geographic, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Total, Vogue, Nestle, Danone, Drupal, and some services such as Facebook Ads API SDK, Google Cloud Platform SDK and many others.

Accessibility to centralized information

Every employee can use the application where needed. All it requires is an Internet connection. The information is the same for all employees and there are no more silos. And in terms of business growth, there is no limit on the number of users.

Mapping business processes

To achieve this, we first mapped all the processes in diagrams, in order to study them well. Subsequently, we held meetings in which we identified weaknesses and problems to be resolved as quickly as possible. We made decisions about what should be the core modules of application and we then proceeded to the creation of a detailed specification list, as well as the development of all models and visuals needed.

Once this work was done, we identified the most suitable languages and open-source framework libraries for the project.

Software development and good practices

Subsequently, we started the work following the core values of the Agile manifesto during the multiple phases of development and iterations of its implementation process.

We particularly doubled our efforts to adopt Scrum and Kanban practices. We did this in order to be able to deliver

small iterations every week so that the company could start using certain parts of the application right away.

Business growth

 Our goal was to develop a very flexible, modular and adaptable application that could help us accelerate the growth of the company while at the same time securing and supporting the whole process.