Renovation - basement, Anjou, Montreal
Rénovation sous-sol, Salle de bain, vanité, Montréal
Rénovation sous-sol, foyer, cheminée, Montréal
Rénovation sous-sol, décoration, Montréal
Project Description

Dalkeith residence remodel

Basement remodel in a split-level Mid-Century Home.

The renovation of a basement in a Mid-Century house offers several possibilities.The space was in dire need of some love and attention. In its original state, each room was sorely lacking in brightness and personality. The large space, despite its potential, was not the most inviting. In addition to rejuvenating and brightening up the family room, our customers wanted to add a new bathroom / laundry room as well as an additional bedroom in the basement.

Complete demolition before finalizing the plans

By putting their trust in us, the customers allowed us to carry out the complete demolition of the basement before defining the exact parameters of the project. The irregular space concealed several potential scenarios that could impact the layout and design of the basement. The opportunity to take much more precise measurements made it possible to create and finish more efficiently because it became predictable and unchanging. We are very grateful for the trust our customers put in us, they who somewhat took a leap of faith, with our designer as the only parachute! The exercise led us to arrange the bedroom and the bathroom on the upper landing of the basement and maximize the use of the lower landing to accommodate the comfortable and ample family room.

A mirror image in the basement

When you go down to the basement, you are quickly at ease with the comfort and the size of the space dedicated to the family room. The two sectional sofas allow guests to enjoy a very versatile space as a family or group. We created an amusing symmetrical room (mirror) thanks to the two sofas and created two zones: one for the television and one for the fireplace.

The fireplace, the focal point of the basement

Facing the new Montreal wood fireplace regulations, our customers were planning to review their entire installation. In order to continue enjoying the pleasures of a cozy fire on a winter day,  our customers wanted to replace the fireplace and demolish the stone facade to update its look. Knowing its weight and large scale demolition, they expected extensive work and high costs. Luckily, a simple highlight of the stone in a more current charcoal grey made it possible to revitalize and modernize the hearth. This achieved all of the objectives and eliminated the need for substantial demolition and structural costs that a complete replacement would have required.


With the fireplace set, we added the built-in furniture on each side to give an elongating effect to the wall. The integrated furniture is finished on the surface with a torrefied wood, for maximum warmth. There is also a new, deliberately charred, wood mantel which, with its natural edge, hints perfectly to the wood-burning fireplace. As a finishing touch, decorative elements reminiscent of the chalet were added such as Marrimeko decorative cushions with organic motifs, a deer's head, deer art and skis cleverly placed in the room.

A custom-built wine cellar

Adding to the festive luxury of the family room, we designed a custom-built wine cellar for our customers. It blends in perfectly with the materials found in the room. The cellar is refrigerated with a concealed compressor that drains to plumbing inside the wall. Everything has been thought of to showcase the most beautiful bottles and to embellish all types of evenings.

An additional bathroom in the basement

A complete bathroom in the basement adds a certain autonomous status to the space. For a teenager moving into the basement, for guests just dropping by or for those using the family room, the added bathroom is very valuable. Slightly setback while being central, the location on the landing at the bottom of the stairs was the perfect positioning. The materials chosen are timeless. The use of beige and white are predominant. The laundry room is integrated for maximum space and functionality. We kept a touch of wood for continuity with the family room located down about half a dozen steps.


A multitude of objectives have been achieved. Thanks to the client-designer collaboration and our team’s execution, it is safe to bet that the basement is now among the favourite rooms of the house!


Anjou, Montreal
Year completed