Renovation - Bathroom, Rosemont, de Chambly Street
renovation salle de bain douche
renovation salle de bain douche
renovation salle de bain douche
Project Description

The Bathroom where relaxation is key

This condo bathroom on Chambly Street in Montreal has been revamped to create a well-deserved relaxation space for the very busy owner. Dating from the 2000s, as a standard condo construction, the room has been redesigned to better meet our client's desired use. Correcting the inefficiency of the storage, the lack of counter space and the disproportion between the whirlpool bath and the small corner shower were the primary guides in the design of the new bathroom

The Wet-Zone

Popular in large and small spaces for several years, the creation of the wet-zone in this project made it possible to maximize the size of the shower and vanity and ensure long-term flexibility for both bath and shower use, in addition to avoiding the inconvenience of a wet floor at the exit of one or the other. The use of pale tiles on the wall, with mosaic inserts and glass walls, illuminates the room and makes it light despite the large space dedicated to this area. To avoid the risk of falling due to water and the accumulation of soap and conditioner, there is also a textured porcelain floor imitating concrete, in line with a natural concept. Speaking of soap, a well hidden niche in the shower wall allows easy access, hiding the mess caused by the multiplication of miss-matched bottles.

The storage

As in most cookie-cutter condos, the storage was not ideal. Reviewed and corrected according to our client's needs, all the cabinetry was custom made and maximized to the nearest inch.

The vanity, with its U-shaped cut-out drawers, the integrated toe-kick heating, and the well proportioned sink, also gives way to a good counter surface for a productive morning routine.

The linen cabinet and medicine cabinet have also modernized, now integrating a laundry basket and a decorative niche for a perfect blend of design and function.

A simple but effective concept

Thanks to the collaboration between the client and the designer, the materials chosen allowed a mixture of textures, colours and finishes of the most natural kind, in line with the spa concept that the client wanted to create for her peaceful haven. From imitation concrete porcelain, to wood imitation polyester, to glass and the use of white in various forms, the natural bonds between the materials recall the serenity and purified calm of the waterfront, a guarantee of relaxation after her hectic workdays.