Renovation - Duplex, Rosemont, De Repentigny Street
Rénovation duplex, cuisine, Rosemont
Rénovation duplex, cuisine, Rosemont
Rénovation duplex, cuisine, Rosemont
Rénovation duplex, ilot, cuisine, Rosemont
Rénovation duplex, backsplash, cuisine, Rosemont
Rénovation salle de bain duplex rosemont
rénovation, salle de bain, duplex, rosemont
rénovation, salle de bain, douche, duplex, rosemont
rénovation, salle de bain, rangement, duplex, rosemont
Rénovation salle de bain duplex sous-sol, séchage, Rosemont
Rénovation salle de bain duplex sous-sol Rosemont vanité
Rénovation, salon, duplex, Rosemont
Project Description

De Repentigny Residence

Sun orientation as a starting point

We are on the ground floor of a duplex in Montreal, with a backyard facing west. The shared living space needed to be a synonym of liveliness. We opted to add square footage to the kitchen by removing a bedroom wall. Part of the old bedroom was turned into a living room, open to the dining room and kitchen. The window of this new living room was enlarged to get a maximum of brightness, while keeping the cost of this reasonable since the option of adding a second patio door was not possible. This new open space concept allowed us to slightly increase the size of the kitchen. The kitchen benefits from all the light of the main room and makes cooking at the central island very pleasant.

The volumes created to structure the space

The cube in the middle of the space corresponds to the volume left by the walls of the small bathroom. It was purposely painted black to stand out and delineate the adjacent kitchen that is painted white. The materials chosen retain a lightness with matte white and maple wood, but with a touch of rough with a gray concrete quartz countertop and a concrete tile backsplash reminiscent of Spain that warms up the whole space. We note that even with a white kitchen, there is pronounced organic and timeless aspect due to a good balance of wood and raw materials. To tie everything together, there are punctual black details found amidst cabinet knobs, frames on the walls and the various accessories.

The small bathroom on the ground floor

Considering its small size, the bathroom on the ground floor required to continue in a light tone. A mixture of a slightly marbled tile, with well-balanced patterned tile inserts, and completed with a vanity and medicine cabinet in a neutral wood shade, was the recipe for success. In this design, the simplicity of the materials speaks louder than the size of the space.

The basement bathroom

The basement bathroom, meanwhile, required the opposite. The goal here was to create a bathroom that would be used mainly by the two teenagers, with a shower and an integrated laundry room. The integration of a well-organized laundry room with open storage and space for drying clothes in a small space was a challenge in itself. The concept was dictated by an irresistible hexagonal concrete tile with geometric patterns. From there, a set of 4 ceramic colours is formed to energize shapes and colours. The yellow shower adds a much needed touch of colour to make this bathroom younger and livelier. The combination of colour, wood, shapes and geometric patterns gives it a perfectly balanced liveliness.


Rosemont, Montréal
Year completed