Renovation - home, Town of Mount-Royal, Roselawn
Renovation maison Ville Mont-Royal
Renovation rez-de-chaussée Ville Mont-Royal
Renovation cuisine maison Ville Mont-Roya
Renovation cuisine haut de gamme Ville Mont-Royal
Renovation, cuisine, ilot, haut de gamme, Ville Mont-Royal
Renovation, cuisine, buffet, haut de gamme, Ville Mont-Royal
Renovation, cuisine, buffet TV sur mesure, Ville Mont-Royal
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Renovation cuisine, interieur, armoires, congelateur
Renovation cuisine rangement epices
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Rénovation salle de bain poolhouse maison Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation, maison, Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation, maison, Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation, maison, Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation, maison, Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation, maison, Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation maison AVANT 6
Rénovation maison AVANT 7
Project Description

Californian Chic in the Heart of Mount Royal

Our clients carefully prepared their project before embarking on this adventure with us. The renovation of the main floor included the removal of many divisions to create an open-concept layout that flows flawlessly into the backyard. The entrance, the living room, the kitchen and the dining room were literally transformed without sparing any detail. As if that was not enough, the project also continued outside. The addition of the outdoor kitchen and the pool house made it possible to extend the living area to the heart of their lush garden.

The Dream Kitchen

The central element of the project was undoubtedly the kitchen which now opens onto the dining room and the backyard. Previously, a wall separated the kitchen from the dining room and the wall overlooking the backyard was occupied by two windows and a small door. Important structural work was required to remove the load-bearing wall between the two rooms and allow a 20 foot opening in the exterior wall.

Herringbone Flooring

The magnificent herringbone flooring was continued into the kitchen area, for the sake of continuity with the existing floor of the ground floor. A real artist's work was required to allow the continuation of the model on an ongoing basis, without leaving any visible trace between the old and new floors.

The Cabinetry and the High-end Countertop

The cabinetry and the high-end countertop dress up the latest appliances. The immense peninsula now offers unparalleled work and entertainment space.

The Sonos Sound System

The Sonos sound system was installed in the ceiling: four speakers and a subwoofer for any music lover’s enjoyment. The concealed television also shares this sound system.

Lighting Circuits

More than 9 lighting circuits are in this space. You will not see any switches on the wall, apart from an iPad. It controls the 9 Lutron WIFI switches installed in the garage, next to the electrical panel. The LUTRON application also controls all switches in the common rooms in the house. This application creates lighting scenes that can be programmed throughout the day.

Custom Furniture

The large table and eight made-to-measure chairs seem to invite us to the many festive meals that our guests like to share. The integrated buffet in the dining room offers all the space needed for displaying their showpieces.

An Inviting and Eco-Friendly Lounge

The formal living room of the house is not just for decoration. Our customers occupy this space on a daily basis. This is their favourite place for an aperitif, while the evening meal simmers on the stove. Our customers wanted a space that was as chic as it was comfortable. Besides the decoration, the main part of the renovation effort was found around the fireplace. Indeed, in accordance with the new TMR fireplace regulation (aligned with that of Montreal), the replacement of the existing fireplace was carried out. A gas fireplace was inserted into the masonry chimney. The exterior was then wrapped with large panels of MAXFINE: a porcelain slab that almost perfectly imitates Carrera marble. We adore the continuity of the veining on the front and sides, and the mirroring in the center.

The Revisited Entry

Our customers usually enter by the garage by a mudroom that was recently renovated . They therefore wanted to open the main entrance of the house and organize it in order to obtain a spacious and comfortable space for guests.  Skeptical in the beginning, our customers now love the idea of a commode for its convenient counter space and the storage in the drawers. The armchair is also an appreciated touch for guests who want to sit down to put on their boots and shoes.

Outdoor Kitchen for Chef BBQ

A BBQ enthusiast, our client wanted a practical space for his grill and cooktop that was contiguous to the house, and had easy access all year round. Finished with an acrylic matching the house and a Quebec granite, such as the one found throughout the yard, the integration is simple and elegant. The garbage pail and stainless steel drawers contribute to well-organized headquarters!

The Pavilion by the Pool, Ideal for a Backyard Party

Our busy, busy clients set up their yard to compensate for the chalet which they could no longer visit. Whether it's a week day or a quiet weekend, when the sun comes up, life is played outdoors. In order to avoid the continuous back and forth, the yard is now autonomous from the house. There is a full bar with sink and dishwasher. All dishes for meals are within easy reach. The refrigerator contains all the beverages and offers the space required for the dishes to remain cool. A small bathroom with a toilet and mini sink avoid getting the beautiful hardwood floors wet. The icing on the cake: an exterior TV for the gentleman’s baseball entertainment!


Town of Mount-Royal, Montreal
Year completed