Kitchen renovation

The Kitchen: The Heart of Your Home


A natural gathering place, the kitchen is the hub for daily family activities, making its atmosphere and layout of utmost importance.

Whether your kitchen space is large or small, its renovation starts with thorough preparation. There are vast choices and decisions to be made, so it’s advisable to contact qualified professionals to help you throughout the renovation process.

Our kitchen designers are familiar with the issues particular to a Montreal kitchen. Moreover, our kitchen designers will help you optimize the functionality of your new kitchen.

Our designers are always on the look-out for new trends, accessories and materials so that they can guide you and help you make informed choices that will reflect your style and your renovation budget. 


Planning Ahead


We value the importance of a kitchen, which is why our kitchen renovation service in Montreal and surrounding areas will help you thoroughly plan this major undertaking.

Indeed, the scope of work is different between simply enlarging a kitchen or changing the position of your appliances and furniture. The way you use your kitchen will be affected by the changes and the renovation work being done will not require the same resources.

It is therefore wise to give yourself the necessary time to go around the issue.

Our Montreal kitchen renovation service includes consultation with a kitchen designer who will allow you to make these decisions with complete peace of mind.

The kitchen designer will be able to analyze your needs in terms of space, storage and functionality, and offer you layouts to solve your daily issues, in consideration of the characteristics particular to Montreal homes.


No Shortage of Options!

To give you an idea of the phenomenal number of choices available, here are some general starters:



A kitchen renovation essential is rethinking and redoing your cabinetry: closed to the ceiling or open, glass inserts, with or without frames, slabs or paneled doors, with knobs or an automatic opening system, integrated lighting, custom or standard cabinets and various materials: melamine, acrylic, thermoplastic, polyester, wood veneer, solid wood, Italian lacquer, lacquered MDF, etc.



A kitchen renovation means picking from a range of countertops: with or without overhang, thickness, different countertops for different surfaces, and various materials: laminate, wood, granite, porcelain, quartz, stainless steel, composite, concrete, glass, etc.



A kitchen renovation gives you infinite choices in accessories, including: slide-out pantry, sliding shelves, storage baskets, drawer divider, sponge compartment, utility dividers, spice racks, sliding baskets, integrated towel rack, recycling systems, built-in waste bin, compost bin, wine glass holders, magic corner, LeMans system, Lazy Susan, rotary trays, retractable step stool, etc.



What better time to reorganize or change your appliances than during a kitchen renovation? You have several choices: new or existing, stainless steel or colour, recessed or not, electric or gas, with a door panel to match the cabinets, what price range? You can even take it a step further with fabulous options like integrated coffee machines, for example, to free up counted space.


Kitchen Renovation in Montreal

Our kitchen renovation service in Montreal and surrounding areas means—from the get-go— you won’t feel alone in making all these choices. Our kitchen designers will offer you the options best suited to your particular situation and to your Montreal home.

We’re ready to make your dream kitchen a reality. For kitchen renovation projects in Montreal and surrounding areas, we offer nothing but high quality kitchens designed according to your specific needs.


We invite you to browse our achievements in kitchen renovation in Montreal and surrounding areas, and contact us so that our team of professionals can get started on your dream kitchen.