Eco-friendly renovation

Eco-friendly renovation, Espé Réno Urbaine version

Espé Réno Urbaine is proud to be one of the first renovation company in Montreal to offer an eco-friendly renovation service. As an EcoEntrepreneur, the obstacles are many and the responsibility is considerable, but Espé Réno Urbaine is always eager to be challenged.

What is a renovation EcoEntrepreneur?

An EcoEntrepreneur’s goal is not only to provide services that meet high environmental standards but also to offer solutions that allow their customers to live in a greener way.

As an example, an eco-friendly renovation contractor must be knowledgeable and offer materials, as well as work practices, with a reduced environmental footprint. This type of general contractor, therefore, works while always thinking long-term and the sustainability of his work.

In addition, the EcoEntrepreneur must ensure that they can provide eco-friendly options that are compatible with their customers’ budget. When it comes to eco-friendly renovations, an EcoEntrepreneur will always be on the lookout for solutions to reduce energy consumption.  In a way, the isolation will be made in order to avoid wasting linked to heating and climatization, while keeping air infiltration in mind. Options that are less energy-consuming will also be considered for lighting, etc.

However, it isn’t because a renovator is once considered an EcoEntrepreneur that they will always be. A renovation group specialized in eco-friendly renovation must be able to meet, at all time, the high professional and ethical standard necessary to maintain their official EcoEntrepreneur accreditation. A rigorous evaluation process has to be repeated over time to ensure that the company continues to meet requirements.

To summarize, we aren’t born an eco-friendly renovator: we become it.

But concretely, what are eco-friendly renovations?

More concretely, eco-friendly residential renovations aim to meet these criteria:


  • To provide paints without volatile organic compounds (VOCs);
  • To use materials that are at least 50% recycled or certified ecological, use as many scraps as possible as well as using a maximum of local products;
  • To isolate the house in a way that eliminates air infiltration. A ‘blower door’ test is conducted to ensure there is no problem regarding infiltrations. This test must reach a result below the 1,5 bars for air changes per hour at 50 Pascals. If a renovator is doing major renovations in your home, he must be able to prove that he has improved your Energuide rating by at least 5 points;
  • To offer low-energy lighting solutions, like DEL lightbulbs;
  • To give the opportunity to their customers to install plumbing solutions that use a minimum of water. When it comes to bathroom renovations, the level of water consumption considered eco-friendly is below 4,9 liters for the toilet, 5,6 liters/minute for the faucet and 7,5 liters/minute for the shower;
  • To perform good waste management and sort out what can be recycled;
  • To think about the evacuation of radon —this radioactive natural gas that can infiltrate buildings – using a passive depressurization column;
  • And finally, to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by avoiding as much as possible the use of generators and other gasoline appliances to favor electrical systems;


Several benefits for the inhabitants

To make your home renovation an ecological project is also to ensure that the interior is healthy for its inhabitants. More often than not, the air inside is as much, if not more polluted than the air outside (we’re talking 3 to 4 times more polluted).  Considering that we spend about 90 % of our time inside, it’s better to ensure a good quality of air, without pollutants.

A clean and healthy environment thus conditions a better health for its inhabitants.

Eco-friendly renovations in Montreal, it’s possible?

In Montreal, the public is quite aware of the merits of eco-friendly methods and the management of public spaces is increasingly done according to this eco-responsible ideal.

This mentality is also increasingly present in the business world and several solutions appeared to offer greener services. There is no longer any reason for a renovation project not to be an eco-friendly restoration project.

It is with this in mind that Espé Réno Urbaine is committed to providing eco-friendly renovation solutions to its customers. If you are looking for a contractor with greener ideas or if you already have an idea for an eco-friendly renovation project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Espé Réno Urbaine is a leader in residential eco-restoration in Montreal.