Financing your renovation project

Looking to maximize your investment and accomplish your renovation dreams? Take advantage of the flexible financing options of the Groupe SP Réno Urbaine. As a certified Réno-Maître contractor, we offer a multitude of financing tools that can be customized to your needs. No matter what option is chosen, the APCHQ guarantee will be included without paying any extra fees.

Quick response and easy qualification

The qualification process is easy and quick. All you need to do is complete a financing request form. Since the beginning of the program, we have not yet seen a customer have its request rejected!

Using your mortgage credit line in order to finance your renovation

You can also finance your renovation project via your mortgage credit line. The interest rates are very competitive because the house is used as a collateral. Your personal banker will be able to help you with this option.

Renovation project financing right after house purchase

Alot of people finance their renovation project when they buy their house. They either integrate the amount of their renovation costs into their mortgage or they take a line of credit. Other customers make a request to the SCHL in order to integrate the value of their renovation work into the SCHL request

Many options are available to you! Do not let your investment deteriorate throughout the years because of a lack of funds.