Domus 2011, Complete renovation - home, Town of Mount-Royal, Cornwall street

Domus 2011 Reno-urbaine complete renovation Cornwall, Town of Mont-Royal

Winner of the 29th Domus edition. Interior and/or exterior residential renovation in the $50,000-$150,000 category

The clients were comfortably settled in their elegant 1930s cottage in the Town of Mount Royal, when they decided to update the ground floor. Renovated in the 1980s, the space needed a complete makeover. While they were interested in basically cosmetic changes, it quickly became apparent that the house had structural problems. Previous renovations had undermined the home’s long-term solidity. Once the problems were corrected and the renovator and clients could relax, the result was nothing short of amazing. For the most part, the walls of the entrance, powder room, living room, dining room, kitchen and family room were removed to create a large, open space that the whole family could enjoy.


  • Reconstruction of the subfloor, because all the joists had been damaged during the previous renovation: a real horror tale. Remind us to tell you about it
  • Installation of an angle iron to support the dining room’s exterior brick wall. This had been overlooked in the preceding renovation, and bricks were falling above the ceiling!
  • Removal of a supporting wall and replacement by a girder and steel columns
  • Installation of a wall-mounted, split air conditioner
  • Replacement of all the hot-water heating pipes accessible from the ground floor
  • Replacement of the entire electrical system on the ground floor
  • Installation of high-end kitchen cabinetry and appliances
  • Restoration of the original mantelpiece
  • Restoration of the original plaster mouldings