Domus 2012 Complete renovation - bungalow, Town of Mount-Royal, Trenton street

Domus 2012 complete renovation of a single-storey house, Town of Mount-Royal


Winner of the 28th edition. Interior and/or exterior residential renovation in the $125,000-$250,000 category

The family had recently moved into the house, built in 1962, and wanted to adapt it to their needs. After taking a few months to plan the work, they called on us to do the renovations.

The house had very large spaces so they could give free rein to their creativity and have the home of their dreams. Practically no room went untouched. The kitchen was enlarged, the dining room was opened on to the living room, and a huge family room was created in the basement, all with the idea of maximizing the home’s volumes. A gorgeous bathroom and laundry room were created in the basement, and a curving staircase leading down to it was rebuilt on the original center stringer. The floors were redone, and the original doors were stripped and refinished.


  • Removal of the supporting wall between the living and dining rooms.
  • Opening of the concrete slab in the basement to install drains for the new laundry room and bathroom.
  • Leveling of the slab in the basement to create the family room.
  • Total rebuilding of a curving staircase on the original center stringer.
  • Adaptation of the cabinetry adjacent to the kitchen for installation of a television for the kitchen.
  • Creation of a high-end kitchen with a custom-made bench.
  • Opening made in the exterior wall to install a patio door.
  • Complete overhaul of the electricity, including the addition of about 60 recessed lights and a heated floor in the bathroom.
  • Construction of a treated-wood deck.
  • Installation of sophisticated tiling in the bathroom and kitchen.