Grand Prix du Design 2018 - Finalist

Espé Reno Urbaine, finalist at the Grand Prix du Design 2018

On February 13, 2018, at its first participation in the prestigious Grand Prix du Design competition, Espé Reno Urbaine stood out with its very first nomination in the Residential Design category.

Creation of an interior design department

In 2015, Espé Réno Urbaine added design to its turnkey renovation service. With this nomination to the Grand Prix du Design, industry professionals have endorsed and applauded our continued efforts and ever growing integrated design department. 

Design and renovation, a winning approach

The design and renovation combo of Espé Reno Urbaine, rather than the traditional approach where designers are independent of entrepreneurs, offers several benefits.

The benefits of design for a renovation project

  • Better preparation of the renovation project
  • Design consistent with technical requirements
  • Design aligned with a realistic and verified budget
  • Design offered at a more than competitive price
  • Taking full responsibility between design and renovation
  • Harmonious construction without antagonists
  • Effective construction thanks to the synergy between design and renovation
  • Increased quality

Congratulations to the whole team !