Complete Renovation - Croissant Foch, Verdun
Rénovation complète de maison - salon
Rénovation complète de maison salle a manger
Rénovation complète de maison cellier
Rénovation complète de maison céramique
Rénovation complète de maison - chambre des maîtres
Rénovation complète de maison - vestiaire
Rénovation complète de maison chambre
Rénovation complète de maison chambre des maître lit
Rénovation complète de maison salle de bain douche
Project Description

Project rue Foch, Verdun

The project consisted of renovating most of this veteran-era home on a quiet, cozy dead-end street in Verdun.

The concept was developed by the clients in collaboration with their designer.  Their goal was to improve their home, with the perspective of flexibility of lifes future realities.  We were lucky enough to participate in this project as the general contractor in this major renovation project.

The master suite was redone and expanded to include a sophisticated walk-in and a grandiose ensuite.

The project grew to include rethinking the living room, where the fireplace area was completely remodeled. 

The dining room, contiguous with the existing kitchen, is underlined by a spectacular cellar and a futuristic accent wall, providing an environment conducive to evenings amongst family and friends.

We also replaced the siding, roofing, and windows.  As if that was not enough, the building was also outfitted with a powerful automatic generator!

We love:


  • The brick wall
  • The sheer curtain behind the headboard, accentuated by two suspended light fixtures
  • The opening to the walk-in outfitted with walnut cabinetry.


  • The optimized layout with integrated mirror space
  • The black cathedral ceiling and bold lighting


  • The large, glass-walled shower with two independent shower heads
  • The freestanding bathtub
  • The juxtaposition of the black and white tilework
  • The cathedral ceiling and skylights

Living room:

  • The natural lighting provided by the generous windows and skylights
  • The layout and finishing touches of the fireplace and television wall
  • The logical and comfortable heating located above the windows

Dining room:

  • The cellar with three glass facades
  • The black tiled wall
  • The wood accents integrated above the cellar
  • The continued maximization of natural lighting


Year completed