Renovation - kitchen, Town of Mount-Royal, Roselawn
Rénovation d'une cuisine à aire ouverte haut de gamme
Rénovation d'une cuisine avec buffet intégré
Rénovation d'une cuisine haut de gamme à Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation d'une cuisine avec télé dissimulée
Rénovation d'une cuisine haut de gamme Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation cuisine aire ouverte Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation cuisine porte patio
Rénovation d'une cuisine avec ébénisterie sur mesure
Rénovation d'une cuisine avec ébénisterie sur mesure
Rénovation, cuisine, rangement à épices
Rénovation cuisine AVANT 1
Rénovation, cuisine
Rénovation, cuisine
Rénovation maison, haut de gamme, Ville Mont-Royal
Rénovation maison, haut de gamme, Ville Mont-Royal
Project Description

When Custom Is Limitless

After buying their 4th house, our customers were frankly determined to offer themselves the kitchen of their dreams. Due to the time available for excellent planning and project refinement, they were able to achieve and even surpass the goals they had set for themselves.

Open Concept Kitchen and Dining Room 

The central element of the project was to remove the wall that once separated the kitchen from the dining room and to open the exterior wall by about 20 feet to install a large  four panels sliding doors. By working with a building engineer, the LVL steel and wood beams were specified and then installed. As a first stage of the project, it was then possible to build the custom-made door. This allowed an optimal opening and the installation of a perfectly fitting door. Guests can now admire the panorama of their beautifully landscaped backyard.

An Infinite Kitchen Peninsula

The project’s masterpiece! Over 13 feet long, the countertop fusion storage, work surface and seating areas. Facing the backyard, washing the dishes has never been so pleasant. The four stools call to discussion while the master chefs are busy preparing the meal. We also love the faucet with its separate handle, the integrated compartment in the sink for storing brushes and cleaning tools, the electronic bin that opens with a simple nudge and the large drawers for all pots and pans and the millions of Tupperware containers.

A Bistro Area for an Optimal Kitchen

What a good idea to create a separate space for morning routine! Coffee maker, toaster as well as microwave and concealed bread box. There is also an ice machine and a two-drawer freezer, as well as a wine cooler. Strategic and pleasant touch for bustling family mornings. We adore the backlit shelving, the irregular Metro tiles as well as the beautiful wine bottles just calling to be appreciated at the opportune moment.

The Secret TV

Always in the loop, our guests wanted a television in the dining room but they were torn by the fact that it would diminish the elegance they were aiming for. The ideal compromise was found by offering them a retractable TV thanks to an integrated lifting mechanism. The TV is now apparent only when needed. One particularly appreciates the detailed cutting in the quartzite counter to allow the TV to quickly disappear, just like in a Bond movie!

An Integrated Sound System, From Disco to Classical

In order to broadcast music via the Sonos application as well as the TV, four speakers and a subwoofer have been integrated into the ceiling. Whether it is to create a background ambiance in all areas of the space or to launch the house head first in a party atmosphere, this system offers an optimal acoustic environment for the most demanding of listeners.

A Sophisticated Lighting Plan for the Kitchen

Knowing that lighting was the cornerstone of the different environments they were looking for in their large space, it was determined that 9 independent lighting circuits were required. Chandelier, suspensions, spotlights, under cabinet lighting, glass cabinets, shelves, the list goes on!!! Everything has been carefully planned. The already overloaded walls as well as the idea of ​​finding 9 switches here and there have led us to propose an innovative solution to our customers. Indeed, the switches were installed near the electrical panel in the garage. These are WIFI controlled by a Lutron application accessible by all phones or even via an IPAD fixed to the wall of the kitchen. The application also allows you to program predefined scenes. It becomes very simple to turn everything on, to turn everything off, or to dim for mealtime or for a cozy evening. We took the opportunity to replace most of the switches of the common areas in order to make them controllable with the same application.

On the road to the India - when chemistry and gastronomy meet

Our client has developed many recipes over the years to the delight of her guests. Spices are the basis of many of her savoury and mouthwatering dishes! Two spice drawers have been provided to keep them tidy. These are organized in order to receive more than 200 spices identified and arranged in alphabetical order. 

Hidden Appliances for a High-End Kitchen

In order to soothe the eye, our customers sought to integrate and conceal their appliances as much as possible. We challenge you to find the refrigerator, two freezers, the dishwasher, the trash, the microwave and the bread drawer. The easiest to find is the wine cellar, where only an outline has been installed to allow a glimpse of the beautiful bottles.

Heating / Cooling - When Discretion Makes the Difference

The ceiling being open, the opportunity was ideal to rebalance the ceiling air-conditioning ducts. The challenge was to place them on a ceiling that was already heavily occupied by lighting and speakers. A judicious triangle has been designed in order to obtain a result that is as efficient as it is aesthetic. We particularly draw your attention to the two heaters placed on the wall against the ceiling above the large window wall. The design team and the electrician welcomed this approach, blowing at more than four thousand watts, in a context where the bottom of the walls could not receive any heating device. A formidable heat curtain neutralizes the winter cold.