Duplex design: Conversion of a duplex / triplex into a single family home

Redesign your plex by converting it into a family home (cottage)


The cost of buying a house in Montreal has significantly increased and it’s now almost impossible to build oneself a new home.

Consequently, many people choose to redesign their plex and convert it into a single-family home. This type of plex-to-home conversion is a renovation project we handle regularly.

Many Montreal homes have fewer than 3 modestly spaced bedrooms. Finding an affordable home with more than 3 bedrooms is no easy feat.

Conversion of a duplex or triplex into a single-family home is your chance to enjoy a “real” home located in downtown Montreal. 

These conversion renovations deliver results that are very trendy and with an urban flair. Owners benefit from a larger and welcoming home, which is ideal with families with several children or simply for people wanting to have larger living spaces.


Design and Accompanying Service

When tackling this type of work, it’s crucial to be guided by trained professionals. We offer a customized plex design service that allows you to confidently undertake your conversion renovation project.  

Conversion renovation of your dwelling into a single-family home involves several key steps to follow, such as:

  • Planning your space: you can choose the set-up and purpose of each room. Our team of designers are here to assist you in making the right choices.
  • A structural engineer: if you want to enlarge your space, make it brighter and more welcoming, removing some load-bearing walls might be the most suitable solution. Our structural engineer will check and see if this solution makes sense and is possible in your home. Our designer will also work hand in hand with the engineer.
  • A renovation permit for converting your duplex or triplex: depending on your borough, a renovation permit is obligatory for your home conversion. To get one, you’ll need your plans as well as the proposal prepared by us. Our team will assist you with this process.
  • The stairs and access to your new home: designing access to your new home is a must in your conversion renovation. Our team of designers will suggest several possibilities from which you can select the one best-suited to your needs.
  • Budget: if your budget allows it, a home conversion renovation is a golden opportunity to renovate additional elements in your home (roof, doors, foundation, etc.)


Numerous Achievements by Our Team of Professionals

Here are just a few of our achievements in converting a duplex or triplex into a single-family home:


Contact us, we’ll be able to assist you with the conversion renovation of your duplex or triplex into a single-family home.